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Springs airfield (FASI) is a registered airfield which is leased from the local municipality and the East Rand Gliding Centre shares the facility with a number of operations including a micro-lite club, an ultra-lite club,autogyro club, EEA, flying schools and private operators.

It lies at 5340 ft MSL and has a runway 1100m long which is tarred. The orientation is 03/21. A grass cross runway exists on a 14/32 orientation.

Parallel to the main runway is an additional grass runway which is used for microlite and autogyro operations and is designated 04/22.

Joining procedures are for microlites (Weight shifting type) – 6300 ft MSL over airfield and for all other aircraft 6800 ft MSL.

All circuits are to the West or North of the airfield for noise abatement purposes.

Runways 03, 04 and 14 are to be flown Left Hand circuits. Runways 21, 22 and 32 Right Hand circuits. Circuit height is 6000 ft MSL.

Springs airfield is uncontrolled and traffic in the vicinity uses the radio frequency 122,4 MHz for TIBA and circuit calls.

Facilities at Springs include a fuel bay for AVGAS. The club shares a number of hangars and refreshments are available from local facilities.


Centre Fleet

The club makes extensive use of Scheibe Falke motor gliders for both ab-initio and solo flying. These aircraft have proven themselves over the years as being cheap to operate, docile in handling and robust enough to cope with the riggers of student pilots.

In addition access is available to high performance Whisper motor gliders for advanced and cross country training and a single seater RF4D for solo advanced flying.

Our Instructors

Active Instructors List

Gary Whitecross


Born 1957, Started flying in 1974 at Witwatersrand Gliding Trust at Baragwanth, got his PPL in 1980 and progressed onto Commercial flying multi engine aircraft, Microlights, Helicopters and many other aviation disciplines. Retired from commercial flying in 2001 and concentrated on sport aviation. Currently a Senior Instructor under SSSA and Chair of the Instructional and Safety Committee.

Gary is an avid competition Gliding pilot.

Currently only flies midweek with selected students due to other Aviation related  pressures

SSSA Grade of Instructor: Grade A - Testing Instructor Part 68

Grade A Instructor Part62.17

Grade B NPL Instructor


Touring Motor Glider - Grade A Testing Instructor.

Winch Launch - Full Instructor.

Aerotow - Full Instructor.

NPL(TMG) - Grade A

NPL(LSA) - Grade B

email: - gary@xnet.co.za



Barry Turner Snr.         CFI

Barry Snr. is a glider pilot through and through. Barry started gliding in the old Rhodesia. He has a vast knowledge of both pure gliders and motor gliders. Barry is also a certified maintenance engineer for both gliders and LSA aircraft. He also holds a private pilot licence.

Total Flight Time: 2500 hours

Grade of Instructor: Grade B - Full Instructor


Touring Motor Glider - Full Instructor

Winch Launch - Full Instructor

Aerotow - Full Instructor



Barry Turner Jnr

Barry Jnr. is a relatively new pilot in the aviation game. He has grown up with aircraft and followed in his fathers footsteps.

 Total Flight Time: Unknown hours

Grade of Instructor: Grade C - Assistant Instructor


Touring Motor Glider - Assistant Instructor

Winch Launch - Glider Pilot

Aerotow - Glider Pilot

Alan Susman

Blah Blah -- waiting

Total Flight Time: 0 hours

Grade of Instructor: Grade C - Assistant Instructor


Touring Motor Glider - Assistant Instructor

Winch Launch - Full Instructor

Aerotow - Full Instructor


Trevor Perkel

Trevor held a PPL (Private Pilot Licence). He became a TMG pilot and is now a Full Category Instructor . He is an enthusiastic member of the instructor team.

Total instruction Time: +250 hours

Grade of Instructor: Full Category instructor


Touring Motor Glider - Full Category Instructor Grade B




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