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The East Rand Gliding Centre is unique in that it is totally dedicated to Touring Motor Gliding. Teaching people of all ages is the club's speciality. Costs are kept to a minimum through our qualified instructors giving their time and expertise absolutely free of charge. The philosophy is that as they all learned for free, so it is only fair to pass on this knowledge in the same tradition. Also, by making touring  motor gliding as affordable as possible, more people will be encouraged to take it up as a sport and hobby.

Prospective student pilots can visit the airfield and become members immediately, receiving their first lesson on the same day. For the costs, please view the "Rates" page.

There is no pre-set number of flights or hours before you can reach solo stage, as much depends on age, aptitude, attitude, and any prior experience with flying. Experience with model flying and even computer flight simulator programs is a benefit. A typical student without prior experience should solo after about 30 to 50 dual instructional flights.

It should be noted that students are required to have obtained an Aeronautical Radio Operator’s Licence, have passed a medical examination and have written an exam in SA Glider Rules & Regulations before being permitted to fly solo. The Radio Licence course is available at any of the power flying clubs in the greater Johannesburg area. The Rules & Regulations exam is bases on the comprehensive training notes which students receive as part of their training pack on enrolment as a member of the Gliding Club.

In parallel with the practical syllabus, ground school lectures are given in the subjects that students are required to pass exams in. These are Principles of Flight, Air Law, Instruments Airframes & Engines, Meteorology, Navigation and Human Factors. Once again these subjects are covered in the Club’s training pack and the content is inline with the subjects you would have covered if you had undertaken a Private Pilots Licence.

If you have questions (we are sure you will have) please contact one of the people listed on the Contact Us page. They will be only too happy to talk to you about motor gliding and provide you with more details.

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