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The East Rand Gliding Centre is always keen to share the experience of gliding with visitors, especially those who may never have flown before. What we call AIR EXPERIENCE FLIGHTS (AE flights) are available to anyone at any time while we are operating – that is on most weekends and public holidays throughout the year. AE flights usually last for between 24 and 30 minutes and the cost may be found on the Rates page. Longer flights are often possible for a fee, soaring weather permitting. Directions on how to find the airfield can be found on the Contact us page.

Should you be interested in having an AE flight we suggest you pre-book your flight. This may be done via the contact details on our contact page. Upon arrival if in doubt as to where to go, simply ask the first person you meet on the airfield. The Duty Instructor will organise your flight and will also require you to fill in an indemnity and daily membership form, as well as take your payment. Unfortunately we don't process credit cards.

The airfield is a hot, exposed, dusty place in summer and often extremely cold and windy in winter. Make sure you dress accordingly!

When at the airfield, don't be afraid to ask questions of the other pilots and instructors present – we are all there to help. If you are interested, find out about joining the club.

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